Our Charism

In Christianity, a spiritual gift or Charism (plural; charisms or charismata) is an endowment which may be given by the Holy Spirit. The word charism or charisma denotes a gift freely and graciously given, a favour bestowed a grace. Chrism as understood in the Bible is first treated, then its relation to the individual possessing it, and finally its meaning for the corporate church. The usage however is not uniform, varying between a general meaning equivalent to grace and the technical meaning. Technical usage, implies that a charism is a spiritual gift or talent granted by God to the recipient not primarily for his own sake but for the benefits of others in order to perfect the saints for a work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ, i.e the Church (Eph. 4:12; and 1Cor. 14:26)


– Teaching charisms: comprise those of apostles or itinerant missionaries, evangelists or preachers of the gospel, prophets who spoke in God’s name under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and teachers who instructed the Christians and catechumens.
– Service charisms: this include gifts for governing and guiding as well as serving.
– Extraordinary or miraculous charisms: it embraces the gifts of healing, miracles, faith, exorcism and immunity from harm arising from deadly things such as serpent or poison, and Discernment of spirits.


We have our charism as thus:

(i) Bearing witness to the mercy of God”. Thus by following the footsteps of Christ, the merciful savior and Mary our Mother of mercy. This mercy is expressed in compassion, forgiveness and kindness. 

(ii) Mercy as Compassion: our compassion is based on the example of our Divine Master- Christ represented be the good Samaritan who after helping the wounded victim also provided for his future needs. 

(iv) we undertake the apostolate of loving and caring for the spiritually, intellectually and physically poor, the under privileged by working in homes, and teaching in schools.

(v) Mercy as Forgiveness: As brothers, it is absolutely essential that we have a forgiving heart, excusing one another’s faults in charity. (Mt. 18:21-22)

(vi) Mercy as kindness: The basis for our kindness is the injunction of Christ to give because of Him (Mt. 9:4). We show tender hearted towards one another and kindness to people who are difficult to deal with. 

Summarily charism is a dynamic force which responds to the needs of the times and circumstances.